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Then give it back and get out.

She didn’t choose to be be here. she was born into a hateful land and is showing her gratitude to the people it once belonged to. props. Get out? and go where? Thats like telling me ( an african american) to go back to Africa. A place I’ve never been, where ill be discriminated against because I’m “too” America. Stop trying to find reasons to hate, people.

Uhh the person in the picture is my son. He is a boy and American Indian, a member of the Lower Brule Lakota Sioux Nation of South Dakota. This land is his ancestors’ and his homeland.

apologies for the gender/racial confusion. i just really dislike hateful comments. 




every woman on tumblr should have this on their dash

And every man

Look how nobody’s yelling or arguing or making things into a competition. Look how this is to straight up educate people through a different perspective. Look how effective that makes the message.

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this post made me happy

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Black While Young in America

Today at work a tall while man with a confederate flag tattooed on hi neck came into my store. I was fold a shirt and turned around and the flag was the first thing i saw. He was very close in proximity to me. He scoffed and moved farther down the isle. I had never felt so unsafe in my life especially being in Florida with so many Zimmerman supporter here in orlando and supporters of the cop in Ferguson. The man may have been in his 30s so i believe this was learned hate from his family.

Today at work an older southern white woman (like Paula dean) whose daughter i was helping at the fitting room was taken with my eyes.She told me i had the most beautiful almond shaped eyes she had ever seen and she kept stacking on compliment after compliment  about my beauty. Im pretty confident in my appearance. I know i’m cute. But i never thought I’m someone to be picked especially out of a crowed. This woman on the other hand looked great for her age and i would have a hard time believing her eyes sparkled a brighter blue at the age of 16 then they did at that moment and yet she was so taken with my common brown eyes.

The older african community is quick to call me naive because of my open-mindedness and my refusal to hate an entire group of people. Two incidents from people of the sam skin color. I can’t hate that woman because I’m suppose to. Today she re-enforced my inability to hate an entire group of people. Hate feeds hate so ill accept and spread love where i can. So to the older generation in the black community, call me naive, but I’m taking life on case by case.

Erykah Badu | Call Tyrone

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